We are Linkcity – developing for a better life

Linkcity is the property development arm of Bouygues Construction – a global leader in sustainable construction and services. Linkcity is now operating in seven countries around the globe – France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Morocco and, most recently, Australia.

We are a property development company focused on creating inspiring places that improve the quality of life of the people who live, work or spend time in them.

We are user-centred – we work hard to understand how to develop better places for people.
We are a team player – we enjoy creating partnerships which deliver better outcomes for everyone.
We are innovative – we love to implement new solutions which contribute to shape a better future.

Bouygues Construction and its 47,350 employees are part of Bouygues S.A., a diverse industrial group active in construction, telecommunications and media. Founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues, father of current chairman and CEO Martin Bouygues, Bouygues S.A. has grown to become one of the most influential groups in the 21st century, operating in 90 countries with a workforce of 115,530. The group is headquartered in Paris and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris and the CAC 40 index. In 2017 Bouygues S.A. had a €32.9Bn turnover.

What we do

We take a long-term approach to development, respecting the environment and enhancing local communities by ensuring developments are built and managed in a sustainable way, from the perspective of People, Places and the Planet. We know that the environment around people affects their health and wellbeing and we develop quality homes, workplaces, shops and leisure destinations to make their lives better.

We believe in connections. Whether with future residents or occupiers, clients, partners or local communities, we forge strong links to deliver the best possible developments. Our projects are outward looking and connected to their neighbourhoods. By combining intelligent design with creativity and technology, our developments evolve from individual buildings to smart, interactive spaces offering better connected and more personal experiences.

Innovation is also a key element of our approach: whether through cutting-edge sustainability concepts or innovative funding solutions, we provide a comprehensive and flexible service to our partners, with the ultimate aim of making our developments the very best they can be.

We aim to maximise value for – and exceed the expectations of – both the landowners we work with and the end users and communities who will ultimately live, work or spend time in the developments we create. We relish the challenge of complex projects with multiple parties and are dedicated to finding solutions where others might walk away.

Through our sister companies within the Bouygues Group, we are able to tap into a rich network, combining our local knowledge and contacts with international experience and expertise.

Bouygues is a world-class construction and services group with interests covering building, civil engineering, property development and roads, as well as facilities management, media and telecoms. Linkcity is the Bouygues Construction’s international property development brand.

As a global player in construction and services, Bouygues Construction develops, builds and operates buildings and structures which improve the quality of people’s living and working environment: public and private buildings, transport infrastructure and energy and communications networks.

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Uliving is one of our associated companies. It was created with a simple mission: to become the creator of the most in-demand student accommodation.

Uliving believes that taking a more personal approach to create a better, more memorable university experience will reap dividends for both the students and for universities wanting to attract candidates in a competitive market.

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Respected throughout the construction industry for consistent delivery of high quality, complex projects, the A W Edwards business is driven by a collaborative approach, breadth of building capabilities and depth of experience across a wide range of market sectors including health, education, scientific research, transport infrastructure, commercial, data centres, sport and tourism.

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